The History Of Brie De Meaux - Centuries Of History

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Brie De Meaux
Brie De Meaux Dongé

The origins of Brie are still unknown. Going back to the mid 8th century, Charlemagne greatly appreciated Brie therefore the cheese is closely linked to the history of France.

The Countess of Champagne, Blanche of Navarre sent Brie to King Philip Augustus. Charles d’Orleans gave the Brie to the ladies of the Court as Christmas gifts.

At the banquet which followed the battle of Rocroi in 1643, Duke d’Enghien, The Great Condé brought Brie to celebrate the victory.

Louis XVI’s last and dying wish was supposedly to have a final taste of Brie.

The revolution made Brie the cheese of the people. A food expert at the time proclaimed "the Brie loved by the rich and the poor, preached equality before anyone dreamed it possible". But it was in 1815 that this cheese of Kings received its accolade. It was at the Congress of Vienna where Talleyrand, Metternich and ambassadors of thirty nations reshaped Europe after Napoleonic wars. A contest was held to appoint the best cheese and unanimously Brie was crowned the "king of cheeses".

On 18th August, 1980, Brie de Meaux received the Appelation of Origin, which by order defines the geographical area of production and the traditional standards of manufacturing, maturing and presentation of the cheese over a thousand years.

Since then the Interprofessional Union of Brie de Meaux has not stopped working to perfect the conditions in the development of skills and health standards in production, manufacturing and maturing.