Privacy & Security

Please read this page carefully. By using our website or making purchases with us, you consent to our use of information in the manner set out on this page.

Why do we have a privacy policy?

We use a number of methods to ensure that we provide you with the best experience while using our website. Some of these methods store information about your visits to our website and we want to be up-front about how we do this, so that you feel comfortable shopping with us.

What information do we collect?

If you create an account login with us, we will store your email address and password. Please ensure that your email address is correct, so that we can communicate effectively with you.

If you place an order with us, we will store your email address, invoice address, delivery address and details of your order. We may also store information relating to transactions, made via our payment gateway, such as your payment ID. We never have access to your credit card details.

We record information about every page requested from this website in our logs. This includes information about each request for a page, the IP address of the requester and browser identification information. This is standard practice and is used to identify any errors that occur within our website. Unless legally required to do otherwise, we will delete logs after 28 days.

We use a service, called Google Analytics, to allow us to examine statistical trends within our website's usage. We use this information to improve our product offering and to monitor the effectiveness of any of our advertising campaigns. Find out more about Google Analytics privacy at

Where we offer a newsletter sign-up, we will store your email address, only where you explicitly consent to receive our newsletter. We may use a 3rd party to manage our newsletter subscription. Visit our unsubscribe form to remove yourself from our newsletter mailing list.

How do we keep information safe?

We take great care to ensure that your information is kept safe. We host our website in a secure datacentre and we make use of SSL encryption technology to ensure that your information is kept secure, while in transit to our website. Please ensure that a secure "padlock" icon is present on pages where you are entering personal information.

All passwords held by us are encrypted, so that not even we can gain access to your password. Please ensure that you choose an appropriately secure, unguessable password to protect your account.

Information shared with our payment processor, Paypal, is stored in a highly secure environment. Paypal are world leaders in payment processing and trusted by millions of people around the world.

Do we share information?

We only share information with 3rd parties who require that information to complete your order. We will share your name, address and order details with our payment processor, in order to verify your transaction. We will also share your name, address and delivery instructions with our delivery agents, in order to facilitate delivery of your order.

Where you consent to receive any newsletter from us, we may share your email address with a 3rd party newsletter management service to facilitate tracking of failed email delivery and unsubscription.

We will not share your personal information with any other 3rd parties.

How do we use cookies?

While you are browsing our website we will use a cookie to track your login status and the contents of your shopping basket.

In addition we will use a cookie to allow Google Analytics to remember which parts of our website you have visited. This cookie will only be used in connection with our website and cannot be used to track your visits to other websites. If you would like to opt out of Google Analytics, please visit


If you have any problems with our use of your information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be more than happy to help.